Brain Study Plan December 5th-16th

HERE is the suggested study plan for the last weeks of school in 2016. I have to stress on the fact that this is just a suggestion, because it is up to your main lecturer (who would be also your main examiner) to establish which chapters and subchapters are required and which are not.

I have not included here Chapters 14 (The Autonomic NS) and 18 (Development of the NS), since these were not included in the formal Lab Study Plan.

Keep up thee good work!


Here are some MCQ’s for the 2nd year students. And Here some MCQ’s for 1st year students (thoracic cage, scapula and clavicle bones).

In case anyone missed it: first study the text, second take notes, third make your (own version of the) drawing, and only last test yourselves through MCQ’s. Skipping oror switching any of the above steps would flaw your learning.

Thank you, manangement. 😉

Anatomy 3 lab study plan

Dear 2nd year students,

HERE is the lab study plan for 3rd semester of anatomy, and HERE is my Lab Guide to Central Nervous System and Special Senses, an ever improved version. Those who want to get a printed version of the book, contact me – it’s free! We will work on that until the new CNS textbook will be out (later in October).

Keep up the good work, now!